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What is TruDOSE™ Platelet Therapy

TruDOSE is the first patented and developed method for determining disease-specific PRP dosing with 95% accuracy. Recent scientific and clinical evidence has conclusively demonstrated plasma therapy provides a plethora of biological factors capable of restoring function, promoting tissue repair, immune modulation, and functional restoration of neuronal deficits. Check out the videos of how it works here and here.

Where can I find TruDOSE™ Platelet Therapy 

TruDOSE is currently only offered in 16 states nationwide. Perfect Health Natural Medicine is the first and only provider to offer the therapy in Idaho!

I'd like more information about TruDOSE™ Platelet Therapy

Perfect Health Natural Medicine will be holding two informational webinars on the following dates:

You can also check out the TruDOSE Platelet Therapy webpage and Patient Testimonials.

How do I schedule

New Patients will need to schedule a New Patient - TruDOSE appointment first. This initial health history appointment must be scheduled prior to your TruDOSE appointment and is a necessary step to determine if you are a candidate. Established patients may reach out to Dr. Kat via phone or email to determine if they are a candidate. Once approved for treatment, patients may schedule a TruDOSE Platelet Therapy appointment. 

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