COVID-19 Update
We are running our office at a reduced capacity to allow adequate time to clean our equipment between each patient. We only have part-time phone support at this time, so whenever possible please use our online scheduler to book your appointments. 
We believe in patient-centered care that goes above and beyond the typical office encounter so you can enjoy a level of convenience you haven’t experienced before.
Book your appointments online, electronic paperwork done on your schedule, and your choice of treatment location – you can see why we believe Perfect Health is the Perfect Fit!


Office Location: Kietzke Plaza, 4600 Kietzke Lane Ste N258, Reno NV 89502

Office Phone : (775) 826-2200 

For Mobile inquiries call/text (307) 461-9844

Email :

*Please note, our office is located at the VERY back of Kietzke Plaza -- if you can't see the freeway when parking you should keep driving.

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